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A Combined Path Selection and Admission Control Scheme for IPTV in IEEE 802.16j MMR Networks

ICC 2015 London
Here is the abstract from our paper that already accepted and will be presented on ICC 2015 and will be held in London, UK from 8 – 12 June 2015.
Abstract—This paper proposes a new mechanism of path selection and admission control for IPTV in IEEE 802.16j simultaneously. The proposed mechanism takes into account some constraints of Quality of Services (QoS) which are required by real-time applications, such as available bandwidth, end-to-end delay, number of hops between MR-BS and SS as well as quality of radio signal. With all these four constraints, selecting the best path becomes a multi-objective optimization problem, since we have two criteria to maximize and two other criteria to minimize. It makes selection process of the optimal path more difficult to find a solution in polynomial time. To solve this multi-constrained problem, the proposed approach applied a cost function which simplifies the multi-objective problem into single objective. This function provides a deterministic solution which takes into account all the above constraints. To evaluate the proposed mechanism, we study the performance of the proposed approach through various simulation scenarios. The results show that the proposed mechanism outperforms other studies.
Keywords—WIMAX, 802.16j, Path Selection,Admission Control

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