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Compatibillity Issues between AODV-UU, AODV+, and R-AODV on NS-2

For 2 weeks, I’ve been under pressure to finish my research project. Today, I’m trying to compile AODV-UU, R-AODV and AODV+ in NS-2.
About 3 weeks ago, I was installing NS-2.34 successfully on Ubuntu 9.04. But when I tried to patch AODV-UU-0.9.6 to NS-2.34 failed!!! Then I knew that AODV-UU-0.9.6 patch only available till NS-2.32.
On the other sides, R-AODV (according to Elmurod) running well on NS-2.34. But till now, I’m not succesfull to install it. And the latest AODV+ support for NS-2.27 – NS-2.33.
Another incompatibility issues is kernel headers, libraries, dependencies and compilers.

12 thoughts on “Compatibillity Issues between AODV-UU, AODV+, and R-AODV on NS-2”

  1. Aslamo-e-Alaikum
    a very appreciatable effort done by u.
    dear syarif i have my final year project inwhich i have to install aodv on kernel 2.4 and kernel 2.6.
    i have installed fedora 14 and NS-2.34 for this purpose, is there any compatiiblility issue for these with aodv?
    if yes then what kind of changes are required?

    1. wa-alaikumsalam..’
      As far as I know, I think Fedora doesn’t have any significant problem with NS-2 and AODV. Another compatibility issues between Fedora (Red had family) and Ubuntu (Debian family) is the kernel environment, libraries, and compiler tools.

  2. Thanks Dear!
    plz guide me that is it possible to change the kernel from 2.6 to 2.4?
    as kernel 2.6 is default in fedora 14 but i want to install kernel 2.4 on it.
    is it possible if yes then how?
    should i uninstall the previous kernel for this?

    1. It means you need to downgrade the kernel from 2.6 to 2.4? My suggestion, you can install another Fedora with kernel 2.4 (such as Fedora 6). So, you have 2 Fedora side-by-side. I’m afraid if you downgrade the kernel, your Fedora 14 will be crash.

  3. thanks dear…
    is it possible to install kernel 2.4 on ubuntu or fedora? or any other fedora or OS that has default kernel 2.4?
    i am confused to find this…

  4. Aslamo-e-Alaikum!
    Dear syarif , is it possible to install NS 2.34 in any OS having kernel 2.4 like “Fedora core 1” or “Linux redhat 9”?

  5. Hi,
    I have downloaded the source code, tcl script of AODV+. Does any one got analysing tool/script (e.g. awk) for simulation output file (.tr) ?

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