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Installing VoIP Server less than 1 hour!

Most of poeple already know VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Nowadays people always want to get connected each other. The cheapest way to communicate is using VoIP. A lot of vendors provide VoIP services. However you could build your own VoIP server for your own purpose with only less than 1 hour! How can be? 
First of all, all you need is a computer or a laptop as a VoIP server and internet/LAN/Wifi connection absolutely. Another thing that you need is a software called AsteriskNow which installed into a computer or a laptop. For VoIP client you can use a softphone such as :

  • For Linux :
    • Ekiga
    • Linphone
  • For Windows:
    • X-lite
    • SJ-Phone
  • For Android :
    • Sipdroid

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