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New Wireless & AODV Trace Formats

New Wireless Trace Formats

This information comes from “The ns Manual” ( “Mobile Networking in ns: Revised format for wireless traces” chapter, and the “trace/” file. Similar to the old format, in the new format wireless traces begin with one of four characters. This is followed by flag/value pairs similar to NAM traces. The first letter of flags with two letters designates the flag type:

  • N: Node Property
  • I: IP Level Packet Information
  • H: Next Hop Information
  • M: MAC Level Packet Information
  • P: Packet Specific Information
Event Abbreviation Flag Type Value
Wireless Event s: Send
r: Receive
d: Drop
f: Forward
-t double Time (* For Global Setting)
-Ni int Node ID
-Nx double Node X Coordinate
-Ny double Node Y Coordinate
-Nz double Node Z Coordinate
-Ne double Node Energy Level
-Nl string Network trace Level (AGT, RTR, MAC, etc.)
-Nw string Drop Reason
-Hs int Hop source node ID
-Hd int Hop destination Node ID, -1, -2
-Ma hexadecimal Duration
-Ms hexadecimal Source Ethernet Address
-Md hexadecimal Destination Ethernet Address
-Mt hexadecimal Ethernet Type
-P string Packet Type (arp, dsr, imep, tora, etc.)
-Pn string Packet Type (cbr, tcp)

Note that the value for the -Hd flag may be -1 or -2. -1 means that the packet is a broadcast packet, and -2 means that the destination node has not been set. -2 is typically seen for packets that are passed between the agent (-Nl AGT) and routing (-Nl RTR) levels.

AODV Trace Formats

AODV traces begin with an “A”, followed by the AODV trace. This information comes from the “aodv/” source file.

Event Abbreviation Type Value
Delete Link A %.9f _%d_ deleting LL hop to %d (delete %d is %s)
double Time
int Index
int Destination
int Deleted Link Count
string Link State (VALID, INVALID)
Broken Link A %.9f _%d_ LL unable to deliver packet %d to %d (%d) (reason = %d, ifqlen = %d)
double Time
int Index
int Unique Packet ID
int Next Hop
int Broken Link Count
int Transmit Reason
int Queue Length
Keeping Bad Link A %.9f _%d_ keeping LL hop to %d (keep %d is %s)
double Time
int Index
int Destination
int Kept Bad Link Count
string Link State (VALID, INVALID)

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  1. I need awk script for new trace format of wireless.I visited mohit blog but those scripts give me single value for each run.I need a script which runs for number of times and give me values so that I can plot it via xgraph.

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