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SMS Forwarder

A couple weeks ago I was trying to find how one mobile phone could act like a router or a switch. It could forward all incoming SMS or messages to another mobile phone. Because I have a problem with my phone. After a few days I was searching by googling, then I found this useful mobile application for Symbian OS. It’s called SMS Forwarder.
Most mobile communication operators provide call forward service. But few of them provide SMS/MMS forward. If you look for a solution to solve the problem, SMS Forwarder is the answer.

SMS Forwarder is application for mobile phones. The application can receive incoming SMS/MMS and send the message text content to other phone number as a new SMS.SMS Forwarder can put the information of original message sender in the new SMS.
For example, Bob has two phones (A and B). He runs SMS Forwarder on phone A and set the application to forward incoming SMS/MMS to phone B. Bob is outdoor with phone B. His friend, Alice, sends a sms “Hello!” to his phone A. SMS Forwarder Pro on phone A receives the sms and automatically sends out a sms “From 10000 Alice: Hello!” to phone B. (10000 is Alice’s phone number.) Bob will never miss any sms.  For download this application here.

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