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SOLVED : Bluetooth speaker in Ubuntu 14.04

I’m running Ubuntu 14.04 on my Asus S550C. I just bought a bluetooth speaker Anker SoundCore Mini. Then I try to connect my bluetooth speaker to my laptop. In fact they’re connected, but no sound comes out from my bluetooth speaker, I’m unable to reproduce any sound from this bluetooth speaker.
I stumble upon from some forums and websites, but did not solve that issue.
So, here is what I did to get done.

  1. Turn Bluetooth on in both Ubuntu and the speaker. It will try to look for all the Bluetooth devices in the vicinity. Make sure that you have turned on the Bluetooth speakers and in the set up, you have chosen ‘All Types’. Wait for some time and you’ll see that Ubuntu has recognized your Bluetooth speakers.
  2. There’s an option in /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf called AutoConnect=true which is hashed out. Delete the “#” at the start of the AutoConnect=true line. I found enabling this option by removing the “#“and got things connecting properly with my bluetooth speaker.
  3. Add the following line to /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf :
  4. Modify /etc/pulse/ to automatically switch pulseaudio sink to Bluez.
    load-module module-bluetooth-discover
    load-module module-switch-on-connect # Add this line
  5. Once you have successfully paired up the Bluetooth speakers with Ubuntu, you should see that Bluetooth icon in the top Unity panel has been changed to indicate that it is connected to other device. Click on it and you’ll see your connected speakers or headsets there. To successfully play the audio through Bluetooth device, make sure that you have set the visibility on in Bluetooth settings in Ubuntu.
    $ sudo pactl load-module module-bluetooth-discover
  6. Restart the bluetooth service for the change to take effect:
    sudo service bluetooth restart

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