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Comparison and Performance Analysis of AntNet and Distance Vector Routing Protocol in Telecommunication Networks Case Study : XYZ Company

This is my abstract from our paper that already accepted and will be presented on ICOICT (International Conference of Information and Communication Technology) that will be held on 20-22 March 2013, at The Trans Luxury Hotel in Bandung, Indonesia.
Abstract—In this paper, we learn and adapt ant colony algorithm to know about the quality of services of routing protocol in broadband backbone infrastructure of XYZ Company. The objective of this research is XYZ Company need a basic research reference to realize broadband services such as Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and digital television with the existing network infrastructure. In other words, company should not buy and build a new infrastructure to apply a new service. In that way the budget to buy new expensive devices could be allocated to another aspect. We perform our work by using simulation NS-2. In our method, we assume that all nodes are a router. We show through our deep experiments based on real network topology and also we compare AntNet routing protocol with distance vector routing protocol to learn their behavior and performance. The simulation result shows that AntNet routing protocol is better than distance vector in term of packet delivery ratio for larger packet size. However, in term of routing overhead and delay, AntNet produces higher header packet than distance vector routing protocol.
Keywords—AntNet;Distance Vector; Routing Protocol;Performance;

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