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Energy Consumption Analysis of Modified AODV Routing Protocol under Random Waypoint and Reference Point Group Mobility Models

Abstract — A Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET) is a non-infrastructure network that consists of a collection of nodes that can communicate each other independently. MANET is characterized by mobile with portable and limited power sources. A lot of protocols proposed to improve and optimize AODV performance. Our previous work, we have proposed a modified AODV routing protocol called RAODV+. RAODV+ combines two mechanism such as gateway mode and reverse route mechanism with the aim to improve the performance of the hybrid protocol. In this paper, we will discuss and analyze our modified AODV routing protocol in term of energy consumption analysis in mobility models, random waypoint and reference point group mobility. In this work, we use network simulator NS-2 to perform some scenarios of simulation. We used mobility models random waypoint and reference point group with various speed and number of source node to evaluate the energy consumed by each node. The simulation result shows that our modified protocol has lower energy consumption for random waypoint movement compare to the reference point group mobility model.
This research project is funded by The Directorate General of Higher Education Indonesia and Indonesian France Embassy.
You can download the paper here. This paper has already accepted and presented in International Conference on Advance Computer Science and Information Systems (ICACSIS) 2012.

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